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ntly humorous. An idea (not much of one, but still an idea) floated down the debris from her mind. ‘Well, he had had nothing to eat for three days,’ she remarked. ‘That seems to show that I’m right.{12}’

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The street down which they drove from church very soon ceased to be a street in the sense of its being lined on each side by

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contiguous houses, and became Alfred Road, and was bounded on each side by brick and stucco villas. At first stood arm-in-arm,

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semi-detached, but presently they took on an air of greater spaciousness and stood square and singly, while the gardens

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that sandwiched them before and behind were large enough to contain a grass-plot and six or seven laurels in front, and a ful

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l-sized tennis-lawn and a small kitchen garden at the back. But perhaps th

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ey scarcely warranted such names as ‘Chatsworth,’ ‘Blenheim,’ ‘Balmoral,’ or ‘The E

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ngadine,’ which appeared

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so prominently on their painted gates. ‘Blenheim’ had once been Mrs Keeling’s home,

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and her mother, a tiny, venomous old lady in a Bath-chair, lived and was likely long to live there still, for she had admirable h

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ealth, and the keen, spiteful temper which gives its possessor so indignant and absorbing an interest in life. It was to a far narrower

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home than Blenheim that Emmeline had gone on her marriage with Mr Keeling, and though the gre

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Pellentesque aliquam in risus eu ultrices. Suspendisse id interdum nibh. Etiam vel mattis augue, a vestibulum arcu. Nam rutrum diam dolor, eu vehicula nisl tincidunt non. Fusce tincidunt id justo eu tempor. Phasellus sit amet ante lobortis, mattis sapien id, dictum ipsum.
perfectly willing to go without her mayonnaise, but she could not b
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